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C# Data Column of Data Grid Control

The Kettic Data Grid Control uses the Data Grid Column objects to represent columns. The Kettic Data Grid Column is the base class of all types of grid columns, including the Kettic grid data column. The properties of Kettic Grid Data Column provide custom appearance and C# events for entire data column customization in Windows Forms C# applications.

Properties of Grid Data Column

The Data Column of Kettic Grid Control is a descendant of Grid Column class and descends all features of the parent class. This Kettic Data Column is used to the base class for all data bound column types in the Grid. The Kettic Data Column offers the access of data type for column and other properties that will be used in data binding in grid. The following are the properties.
  • ApplyDragToGroup, this is the property used to enable the drag and drop function for data grouping.
  • ApplyGroup, the property is used to performance the data grouping in grid
  • ApplySort, the property is used to performance the data sorting in gird
  • IsGrouped, this property is able to show the data that has been grouped
  • IsSorted, the property is used to show the data that has been sorted
  • FieldName, this property is able to associate the column with the name of the field.
  • FieldAlias, this property is a friendly name for the field which is able to use expression to form a group.
  • UniqueName, the property determines the distinctive name of the column.
  • DataType, this property determines the underlying data type for the bound data.
  • DataTypeIsSet, this property will indicate whether the column property, DataType, has been assigned or not.
  • Index, this property determines the position of the column within the Columns collection.
  • FormatString, this property is able to use the standard formatting strings to tailor the output of strings, numbers and dates.
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