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C# Grid Column Reordering

The DataGrid Controls for Windows Forms provides large flexibility to meet any critical requirements of applications nowadays. Furthermore, the DataGrid View control also provides data presentation, data refresh, data entry, data analysis, codeless development and hardcore coding functionalities. By using the Data Grid Control for Windows Forms, users can easily manage the data by reordering columns with nice user interface of the Grid. It is really easy to reorder columns while using the Data Grid control.

Reorder Columns in Grid View

The Kettic Data Grid Control provides the support of reordering columns at run time. Users of the Data Grid control can easily drag the header of column and drop to the desired place in other headers. If we want to move columns to different places, we can enable the DataGridAllowColumnReorder property of the Grid Control.

ketticGrid.AllowColumnReorder = true;

Reorder Columns in C#

To performance the column reordering in C# code for Data Grid control, we need to use the Move method of the Data Grid column collection to achieve this.

ketticGrid.Columns.Move(3, 3);
ketticGrid.Columns.Move(5, 6);
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