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C# ColumnChooser Customizing

The DataGrid Controls for Windows Forms applications are an amazing component for design modern user interface. This cool control provides large flexibility to meet any critical requirements of applications nowadays. Furthermore, the DataGrid View control also provides data presentation, data refresh, data entry, data analysis, codeless development and hardcore coding functionalities. The following is a C# tutorial that shows how to create gird in Windows Forms project to present tables.

Customizing ColumnChooser in C#

To customize the Column Chooser in C#, the Kettic Data Grid Controls offers a variety of properties to determine the behavior of the columns. The following are the properties and C# code for customizing.
ApplyColumnChooser, the property is used to control if the Column Chooser is available in the data grid template for Windows Forms projects. The default setting is true for all templates for Data Grid component.

ketticGrid.MasterTemplate.ApplyColumnChooser = false;

ApplyHide, the property is used to control if the specified column is able to be moved or dragged to the Column Chooser. The default setting is true for all columns.

ketticGrid.Columns["ProductName"].ApplyHide = false;
VisibleInColumnChooser, the property is used to set to each column to control if the specified column will be visible in the Column Chooser when dragged to it. The default setting is true for all columns

ketticGrid.Columns["Photo"].VisibleInColumnChooser = false;
To access and custom the column chooser, users of the Grid Control are able to access the column chooser directly from the instance of Data Grid control. The following sample shows how to access and customize the column chooser in C#.

ketticGrid.ColumnChooser.DesktopLocation = new Point(120,120);
ketticGrid.ColumnChooser.Font = new Font("Arial", 15, FontStyle.Italic);
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