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Events for Editing GridView

The Kettic Data Grid Control allows data entry, data editing, and data validation by using the DataGridView editors. To edit the cells in grid, we can switch the Kettic DataGridView control from read only mode to edit mode. Then we can edit the cells in grid by beginning with entering content or pressing F2. However, the following conditions should be available while editing cells in grid. We should enable the Kettic DataGridView control first. Make sure that the editing mode being supported by the underlying data source. And then set the property StartEditMode to Auto and set the ReadOnly property of cell, column, and control to false and enable the edit mode. Finally, set the value of the property, GridTemplate.ApplyEditRow, to true.

Events to Edit GridView in C#.NET

While we are processing the editing of the DataGridView, the C# events below will help us to edit grid data cell to the C# DataGridView in Windows Forms application.
  • EditorRequired, this event will be fired as long as we change the grid data cell to editing mode and it is able to replace the editor for grid data cell with a custom one.
  • StartEditCell, this event will be fired as long as the cell is about to enter edit mode. We can exit the edit mode of grid cell at this stage by changing the Cancel property to false.
  • InitializeCellEditor, this event will be fired when initializing the editor of the grid cells and when they are visible.
  • EndEditCell, this event will be fired when finish editing to the grid data cell.
  • ValueChanging, this event will be fired by the active editor of grid cells when it is about to change its value.
  • ValueChanged, this event will be fired when the active editor changes its value and the data of the grid cell will not be saved.
  • CellValueChanged, this event will be fired as long as the grid cell value has been changed.
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