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Create custom data grid context menus in C# to Data GirdView for Windows Forms applications
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GridView Conditional Custom Context Menus

The Kettic DataGridView Control offers an easy way to build custom context menus in GridView to replace the default menus. When users of the Kettic GridView Control right click the control, the context menu will display, regardless of the grid control element. When your .NET WinForms application needs specific individual context menus based on the clicked element, the context menus of the control is able to offer various functionalities without burdening additional screen transitions or extra controls.

Create Conditional Custom Context Menus to GridView

The following is the example that shows the process of adding various custom context menus dynamically according to the clicked grid. We are going to create two custom context menus and attach them to grid cells in the grid columns. When users of the GridView control right click to a cell in one of the grid column, they can get the other custom context menu. When they click any grid cells besides the created two, they can get the default context menu displayed. In the complete example, we need to
  • Create the context menus for GridView C#.NET component
  • Initialize items for context menus to the GridView control
  • Subscribe to context menu events that will be handling in the C# GridView
C# code for creating and assigning conditional context menu to GridView control in .NET Windows Forms application.
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