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Pinned Grid Rows of C# DataGridView

The Kettic DataGridView Control allows users of the GridView control to create pinned data rows for the grid and frozen the data rows in C# Windows Forms applications. A row in the grid stands for a record that is from the Data Source and the Kettic DataGridView Control provides the PinPosition property to pin a data row to the specified position in C#.NET Windows Forms applications.

How to Create Pinned Rows to GridView in C#

DataGridView Control allows of the users of the component to pin rows to GridView in C# Windows Forms application, so we can pin the data rows to the top or bottom of the grid in Window Forms application. To create a pinned row to pin a specified position, we can use the PinPosition property to accomplish that. The following sample shows how to pin the row to the top and bottom position by setting the PinnedRowPostion property in GridView in C# code.
C# Code for pinning data row to top and bottom in grid

ketticGridView.Rows[4].PinPosition = PinnedRowPosition.Top;
ketticGridView.Rows[0].PinPosition = PinnedRowPosition.Bottom;
Alternatively, it is possible to automatically get a value true for the desired grid row by using the IsPinned property. The users of the GridView control is able to directly change the value of the IsPinned property of a Row collection item to true in grid view for C# Windows Forms application. The following is the simple C# code snippet change the value as true.

ketticGridView.Rows[3].IsPinned = true;
To pin all selected rows to the specified position in GridView for C# Windows Forms application, we can use such a C# code snippet as below.

foreach (GridViewRowInformation row in ketticGridView.SelectedRows)
row.PinPosition = PinnedRowPosition.Top;

The Kettic DataGridView component provides the support of anchoring data rows to top and bottom in GridView for C# Windows Forms application. When we are going to pin a specific grid row in C#, we must change the value of the IsPinned property as True in advance.
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