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Grid Rows Removing from C# DataGridView

The Kettic DataGridView Component has the ability to remove a single row from grid column in the GridView component for Windows Forms applications. This feature allows end users easily delete row from the current grid. A row in the grid stands for a record that is from the Data Source and the Kettic GridView Control contains a row collection which offers the methods to remove items.

Remove Grid Row from C# GridView

The DataGridView offers the Remove() method to delete a single row from data grid. While removing the row, just call the method and pass an object of the GridViewDataRowInformation as an argument in C# Windows Forms project as below:

Remove a Specific Grid Row in C#

The DataGridView also allows users of the control to remove a grid row at a specific place, which is accomplished by calling the method, RemoveAt(), and pass the row index in C# Windows Forms project as below:

Remove a Grid Row at Specified Position in C#


Remove All Rows from GridView

The DataGridView allows users of the control to remove all rows from the data grid, which is accomplished by making a loop and removing the rows with the method, RemoveAt(). However, when users bind the DataGridView component to a BindingList, the BindingList will be updated automatically when removing all the rows. When users bind the DataGridView component to a database via typed DataSet, the Update method of the DataSet's TableAdapter should be called to update when removing all the rows. The following is an example,

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