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Data Grid WinForms Control
Create data gird view with modern user interface for your Windows Forms applications
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Data Grid Controls Features

The Data Grid Control provides amount of functionalities for UI designers to build outstanding user interface for their .NET Windows applications. It uses an AVL structure to group, sort, filter data fast, even processing complicated hierarchy data. UI Virtualization has been applied to data gird row and cell elements, which is capable of spreadsheet scenarios and a large number of columns.

Wide Data Set of Binding Sources Support

When .NET Forms developers use the Data Grid Control, they can easily bind their application to any data sources without and code. The data binding operation only need the data objects implement one of these interfaces, IList, IEnumarable, or ICollection. Additionally, the powerful data grid control supports out of the box binding to objects in sub directory as well as their properties for customizing.

Represent Hierarchical Data

The Kettic Data Grid Control offers the hierarchical data structure support, which is able to display hierarchical master-detail data. This grid component allows UI designer process the hierarchical data at design time as well as in run time with the C# API included in the grid control. It also supports process the data automatically in according to the data structures. Furthermore, the Kettic Data Grid control presents multiple child data views, which is similar with a tree hierarchy.

Group Data with Grid Control

The Data Grid Control provides easy implementation of grouping data in multiple levels in a single table. It is able to group data in different criteria and create a tree of groups to keep the data records. The grouping function can be simply dragged and dropped to the Windows Form project. Furthermore, the Kettic Grid Component fully support customization of grouping, like sum, minimize, maximize, count, first and last as well headers formatting.

Sort Data with Grid Control

The Kettic Data Grid Control not only supports data sorting in a single column, but also supports data sorting in multiple columns. Additionally, it allows users to apply sorting and customize sorting in C# code in Windows Forms developmental environments.

Filter Data with Grid Control

The data filtering function support is built in the Data Grid Control. It allows users process data filtering in any columns. When users click in the filter cell, the cell editor will be open and will allow users set the filter condition. When clicking the filtering icon in the filter cell, a menu will be open and provide filter conditions including greater than, contains, less than, equals to, and more. Developers can also customize the filtering features in C# code in Windows Forms projects.

Rows Features of Data Grid Control

The Kettic Data Grid Control has the ability to display the summary rows while applying the grouping feature, or show total rows which have result values calculated from the functions like Sum, Count, Min, Max, Average, etc. What’s more, these results can be completely customized as necessary.

Frozen Columns and Rows

The frozen function support is included in the Kettic Grid Control. With this frozen feature, users can easily pin a part of data for visualization. This can be achieved by clicking the Frozen to left or Frozen to right button in the context menu. Developers can also freezing the columns or rows with the C# API of the Control.

Reorder Rows and Columns

The reordering of rows and columns can be easily done by drag and drop action. The unbound grid can’t be preserved in the data source, so the row reordering may be used. The Kettic Grid component provides flexible C# API for reordering all system rows for users of the control.
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