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Data Grid Controls Structure

The Kettic Data Grid Control has the ability to display the summary rows while applying the grouping feature, or show total rows which have result values calculated from the functions like Sum, Count, Min, Max, Average, etc. What’s more, these results can be completely customized as necessary.

Structure of Data Grid Control

  • Row, the Kettic Data Grid Control uses the grid row element C# class to represent rows in grid view.
  • HeaderRow, the Data Grid Control uses grid header row element C# class to represent the header element.
  • Add New Row, in the Data Grid control, the new row element will display below the header row or after the data rows.
  • FilteringRow, When users enable the Filtering, the FilteringRow will display automatically. To enable the Filtering function, change the value of the properties to true, Kettic.DataGrid.Filtering and DataGridTemplate.Filtering.
  • DataGridIndentColumn, The data grid indent column will display while we group the grid data or a hierarchical structure facilitates the functionality of expand and collapse. The expand column is always placed in front of all other grid content columns and cannot be moved
  • GridDataColumn, this column is used to show a column that will be bound to a field in a data source.
  • MasterTemplate, this template includes inner grid templates, like data grid template collection without any hierarchical structure. It is the top most templates in the structure.
  • DataGridTemplate, this template is a basic C# class which is able to set a single level of the hierarchical structure.
  • ScrollBars, the scroll bars can be displayed or hidden automatically as necessary.
  • GroupPanel, the group panel is used to enable the group by functionality of the Windows application for the end-user. To enable this function, change the value of the properties as true, Kettic.DataGrid.Filtering and DataGridTemplate.Filtering. Otherwise, disable the functionality by setting the value as false.
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