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Data Grid WinForms Control
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Data Grid Control UI Virtualization

The UI virtualization support allows users of the Data Grid Control display part of cells and rows to be visible in an estate area. It is because that not all data rows and cells can be shown at the same time, especially when there are a large number of rows and data objects. Normally, the Data Grid Control can only display about 20 or 30 rows at average in a Windows Forms application. However, the visual elements may be reused when performance some operations like, scroll, sort, and filter etc with grid.

How to Format Events

The UI virtualization does not provide the design time support. So users of the Data Grid control can't access or use UI elements as well as its properties at design time. To solve this issue, the Data Grid Control provides formatting events, CellFormatting events for data cells formatting and RowFormtting for data rows formatting.

How to Use Style Property

The Kettic Data Grid control also provides a style property to access the logical cell objects for customizing. By using the Style property, users can set the visual property directly to reflect a specific cell element.

How to Format Conditions

The Kettic Data Grid control also provides conditional formatting for end users of your Windows application. They can format the cell objects via context menu as specific requirements.
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