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UI Controls for Windows Forms
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WinForms Buttons UI Control

The button control for WinForms provides multiple featured buttons to create attractive and amazing buttons for your .NET Windows Forms applications. With the WinForms button control, developers can design the button themes including:

Calendar UI Controls

The Windows Forms Calendar control is used to display a monthly calendar for a time interval for WinForms applications. The powerful WinForms Calendar control provides many cool features, like months preview, multi-month view, date zooming, multi-day selection, globalization support and data binding.

Data Grid Controls

The Data Grid Controls for Windows Forms provides large flexibility to meet any critical requirements of applications nowadays. Furthermore, the DataGrid View control also provides data presentation, data refresh, data entry, data analysis, codeless development and hardcore coding functionalities.

List View Control

Create elegant and functional user interfaces, represent and edit list data with lots of customization capabilities by using the List View Control for Windows Forms applications.

Menus Controls

The Menu Control can organize the structure of the ender users' choices and offers much more amazing navigation menus than the classic Office style menus.

Scheduler Control

Create rich Outlook style functionality and add rich scheduling UI to any Windows Forms application

Coded UI Control

Run in the Visual Studio Coded UI Test process and test your application through the user interface (UI).

Carousel User Interface

The Carousel control is able to add interactive navigation user interface to Windows Forms applications and offers the support of navigating via a list of items, adding and removing items dynamically, generating item reflections automatically, binding data robust, and smooth animations and transitions.

Chart UI Component

The Chart Control is a Windows Forms user interface design tool used to create Bar, Pie, Line, Area, Polar, Radar and Scatter appearance for .NET Windows Forms applications. This UI design toolkit provides rich attractive user interface appearance.

Multi-Column ComboBox

Render multiple string values for dropdown control in user interface design for Windows Forms application

Page View Control

Create slick looking tab strip or panel bar, vertical, hierarchical or overlapping tabs, Organize content, Mimic Outlook's Navigation Pane, insert images in your items, Add templates to your Windows Forms projects

Panels & Labels Controls

Create better user interface design and more nice appearance using the Panels and Labels controls for Windows Forms applications.

Panorama Control

Create modern style UI design, display tile elements in a mosaic manner, and represent data in the form of tiles

Shortcuts Control

The Kettic Windows Forms controls provides shortcuts component for developers to build a keyboard trigger action for their Windows applications

Spell Checker Control

Add multilingual spell checking capabilities to perform spell checking for rich or standard text editors in Windows Forms applications

Clock Controls for WinForms

The Clock control is a Windows Forms component that is used to design time user interface for Windows Forms applications and can easily display time in Windows Forms applications.

Command Bar Controls

The WinForms CommandBar control provides large flexibility to customize it. It is capable of hosting all UI controls including combo boxes, text boxes, split buttons, drop down buttons, toggle buttons and many more

PDF Viewer Control

Easily display PDF documents directly in your Windows Forms application without installing any other PDF viewer on their machine

Property Grid Control

Create elegant and functional user interfaces; display the editable properties of a given object

Ribbon Bar Control

Create innovative user interfaces and build Office 2007 and 2010 ribbon UI design

Pivot Grid Control

Create interactive pivot table user interfaces to manage your raw data, build summarizations and highlight specific data.

Rich Text Box Control

Display and edit rich-text content with comprehensive text formatting options, mail-merge and a rich collection of end-user options

Rotator Control

Create interactive and user friendly rotation UI style for content rotation to image and text rotation with animations

Wizard Control

Create user friendly wizard user interfaces for Windows Forms applications and divide a complicated operating process into various simple procedures.

Dock Control for WinForms

The Dock Control allows users easily manage a variety of windows in the Windows Forms application. It provides tool and tabbed document style windows as well as supports interactive design time layout management.

Desktop Alert Control

Windows Forms Desktop Alert Control can display notification in a popup window to show a specific event has occurred in the application for the users

Drop Down List Controls

The DropDownList Control and List Control contain plenty of items and support auto complete, sorting, and filtering etc as well as multi-line text in HTML style text formatting, checkboxes, and rich visualizations.

Editors WinForms Control

Flexible data entry controls provides highly customizable, intelligent controls for managing data input, such as Text Box, Text Editor Box that supports Standard, Numeric and DateTime masks, DateTimePicker, and a slick SpinEditor.

Forms & Dialogs Control

Kettic's UI Control Suite contains a Forms and Dialogs Control, which is an alternative skin user interface to the Microsoft Visual Studio Windows Forms toolbox.

Track and Status Control

Create interactive and attractive user interfaces for Windows Forms applications, easily customize the Track and Status controls

Tree View Control

Create complicated navigation systems for Windows Forms applications, easily display hierarchical structures

Themes Component

Theme and skin components for Windows Forms applications, easy to add Office, Windows, Visual Studio, and more unique look and feel skins to your Windows Forms applications.